The Wild Horse Custom Knives website features some of the most desired custom knives and the most sought after engraved knives in the world. We specialize in Case XX knives and Buck knives, as well as other traditional knife companies.

Wild Horse Custom Knives

Wild Horse Custom Knives are designed and customized by hand by acclaimed knife maker Josh Kidd in Eastern Kentucky. Josh specializes in customizing Case and Buck traditional knives using the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Every custom Wild Horse knife has a limited lifetime warranty. Production is extremely limited each year making these beautiful works of art some of the most scarce custom knives on the market.

If this is your first time on the website, check out our welcome page for a brief overview of the products we offer.

Due to the high demand Wild Horse Knives is currently not accepting custom orders. We will however post new knives to the website as they become available to the public.

Knives for Sale

We have a thriving community of enthusiasts that have purchased Wild Horse Custom Knives on Ebay and other outlets for years. Wild Horse Custom Knives are investment grade, made by hand and limited supply. We also offer engraved knives in many levels of detail, and stock Case XX knives at some of the best prices anywhere.

Perfect Ebay Feedback

Perfect Ebay Feedback


Contact is also limited. Josh prefers to spend his time making knives and our awesome office manager Deb is very busy shipping products and listing new creations. All paying customers will be given a route for contact after ordering, but we ask that you only use it if there is a problem after receiving your order.

To open this sales channel we need the cooperation of our patrons, who know that they will receive exactly what they ordered in a timely manner, and are familiar with the knife industry and the various aspects that are out of our control.

To help with this we have created a Contact Page that answers the most often asked questions and expands on our operations.

Loyalty Rewards

With each dollar you spend you earn 25 loyalty reward points which can be applied for a discount on future purchases or can be saved for special promotions we offer on special occasions. Some of our most limited and special releases will be reserved for loyalty point auctions in the future.

You can check your loyalty rewards point balance at the bottom of the website or at checkout. You can redeem your points at checkout.