Knife Coupons

In this section we will publish active official coupons and offers that can be used to buy knives on the website.

Wild Horse Custom does not produce many coupons, and since margins are relatively small of knife sales they will usually be smaller, so be sure to take advantage of knife coupons when you find them here! Offers usually cannot be combined.


Use coupon code 10-OFF at checkout to get $10 off any order of $100 or more. Limited to 1 use per user, excludes sale items, expires 9-1-2022.

Loyalty Rewards

Every purchase on Wild Horse Custom generates loyalty points which can be applied to future purchases. This is like a self generating knife coupon, be sure to sign up for an account when you purchase knives from the website so your points will accrue! These will give you an additional 2.5% off purchases when used correctly. You can view your loyalty points in the right sidebar.

Sale Page

Our Sale Page features knives that are marked down 5%-20%.